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Food blogger Sally has joined forces with nobilia to demonstrate how you can bring even more fun to your kitchen!

Exclusive Bosch oven HBG5780B6 with Home Connect technology


Smart today. Smart tomorrow.

Seamlessly connect your smartphone with your oven. Transfer recipes and settings to your oven – whenever you want and wherever you are! Wish you could start heating your dinner before leaving the office? Now you can!

Smart recipes at the press of a button

Not sure what oven settings to use for your meal? The integrated AutoPilot feature offers you a range of meals to choose from. Simply enter the weight and press start. The AutoPilot determines the correct type of heating, temperature and cooking time.


Smart cleaning

Your Bosch oven includes a pyrolytic function. This raises the temperature to up to 480° during the cleaning process to reduce even the most stubborn deposits to ash. Then simply leave your oven to cool and wipe away what is left – that’s it!

Prepare perfect meals with Sally’s help


Sally’s World app

You’ll find over 1,500 cooking and baking recipes in the Sally’s World app. You can use the Home Connect feature to send the required settings straight to your Bosch oven. The appliance is then automatically set to the right baking time, type of heating and temperature. That way your recipe is sure to turn out great.

A personal tip from Sally

“Cooking and baking should be fun. This is best achieved in a functional and ergonomic kitchen. Having everything close to hand, heavy objects stored at an ergonomic height and practical organising systems saves you time and effort.


Further impressions

Would you like to use the oven’s smart features and enjoy the benefits of a direct connection to the Sally’s World app?

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